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Our "Roman Strathearn" events are sponsored by the Gannochy Trust and the University of Edinburgh.
September 2021

DOORS OPEN DAYS - Roman Cycle Route

For this year's Doors Open Days festival, Crieff & Strathearn Museum have teamed up with various organisations to celebrate Strathearn's Roman past. There are two cycle routes on offer: The Roman Cycle Route and the Doors Open Day Route. Follow the links below to see the descriptions of both.


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Thanks to The Scottish Civic Trust for use of this image.
Our "Roman Strathearn" events are sponsored by the Gannochy Trust and the University of Edinburgh.
September 2021

DOORS OPEN DAYS - Roman Strathearn

For this year's Doors Open Days festival, Crieff & Strathearn Museum have teamed up with various organisations to celebrate Strathearn's Roman past. Together with Innerpeffray Library, we offer visitors to glimpse a day in the life of a Roman soldier while, at Comrie Croft, you can help us build a miniature version of a Roman rampart. Pick up the Doors Open Days brochure in your area or download the brochure directly from Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust's website: www.pkht.org.uk/doors-open-days 
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Our "Roman Strathearn" events are sponsored by the Gannochy Trust and the University of Edinburgh.
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19th September


If you would like to join our local guide Ian Buchan for a leisurely guided walk along Scotland's best preserved Roman watchtower remains, please register directly with Ian at ibuchan6@gmail.com.

The walk will start at 10:30 am, on Sunday 19th September, from the Roman Road near Kirkton and Trinity Gask. This is between the parish church and Tayside Land Rovers, as shown on this Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/jQUTLDrXfw8wHE6o8 

Due to Covid measures and limited parking space, registration for this activity is essential. The walk is generally level and on firm terrain, but please wear boots or shoes suitable for an occasional rougher section of path. 
21st September to the 6th October


For details of the exhibition, please see the Events section.
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Thanks to Felicity Martin and The Drovers' Tryst for use of this image.
Saturday 17th July 2021 - 1:00 PM


In collaboration with the Drovers' Tryst Walking Festival.

The Crieff History Trail is an easy walk around the historic town of Crieff and an opportunity to learn about the major events in the town’s past. Our walk will take us back to the prehistory of Upper Strathearn that includes evidence of ancient peoples to Roman occupation and to the early beginnings of Crieff as a permanent settlement, including the development of mills and weaving. The town’s strategic position has ensured a colourful history that includes cattle droving, Rob Roy, Bonnie Prince Charlie and the fall out from the Jacobite uprising. In the 17th and 18th century Crieff was a centre of trade, transport and justice with a reputation of boasting a ‘kind gallows’.

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October 2021

Crieff Artist Exhibition

Plans are afoot for a Crieff artist to hold an exhibition. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

News + Announcements


We plan to be a presence at these events either with a stall or opening Crieff Town Hall.


Crieff & Strathearn Museum were given first option on an important collection of photographs by John McGregor, a Strathearn photographer, based in Muthill at the beginning of the 20th century. There are 426 glass half plates in the collection which feature local people and scenes in images of a very high standard and we think it is vitally important we do all we can to preserve the collection, intact, in the area where they originated. We are therefore delighted to tell you that, due to one kind and generous donor who gave us the whole purchase price of £750, we have been able to secure the collection ahead of the deadline and it will be coming to Strathearn at the end of the month.

We feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity on behalf of the Strathearn community but this is only the first stage of the process. The next appeal target is for the cost of conserving the collection (cleaning, repair etc.) which is estimated at £2000. We also intend, over time, to try to locate and acquire the missing pictures from the collection, so do please consider donating to this appeal; any amount will help secure them for the future.

To see more information about the appeal and to see how to make a donation, please go here:

Look out for BBC LANDWARD Episode 2020/16

The BBC Landward team enjoyed the brilliant sunshine and spectacular scenery of Strathearn the other week to film their latest rural and current affairs programme. The episode focuses on beef, its origins, processing and packaging and the implications arising from Brexit. So where better to start the enquiry than the ancient cattle droving ‘capital’ of Crieff, the culmination of the highland drove roads and the tryst held in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Gil Martin from the Crieff & Strathearn Drovers’ Tryst was on location with presenter Dougie Vipond and the BBC Landward team in and around Crieff and the Sma’ Glen. ‘It was great to help out with the shoot, advise on locations of drove roads and Wade’s military road north, and contribute to the programme with a discussion on drove roads and the Crieff tryst with Dougie Vipond.’ Gil commented. ‘There has been no Drovers’ Tryst festival this year so it was good to get out albeit only locally and have an opportunity to promote Crieff and the Tryst’.

For those interested, the Landward programme will be aired on BBC Scotland channel on Thursday 8th at 8pm and on BBC 1 Scotland on Friday 9th Oct at 7.35pm. For those of you who are interested in Crieff history and heritage or have participated on walks in the vicinity of Crieff look out for the feature on drovers and see if you can spot the film locations. For anyone ‘south of the border’ the programme can be accessed through BBC iPlayer.

Scottish Council on Archives resource announcement

It is estimated that over 50 million people in the world have Scottish ancestry. This link can be an important motivating factor for tourists to visit Scotland to both undertake family history research and to ‘walk in the footsteps’ of their ancestors. Ancestral tourists tend to stay longer, visit outside of the peak tourist season, visit areas across Scotland and are more likely to develop a connection that results in repeat visits. Ancestral tourism makes a significant contribution to the economy of Scotland and there remains a great deal of potential and opportunity to expand this growth.

Archive services are a unique and incredibly fruitful part of this growing industry, which help to enhance and enrich the experiences of many tourists. The Scottish Council on Archives wish to support archives in the industry to tap into its financial and cultural potential with useful resources including a press contact database, useful links, and case studies demonstrating effective engagement.

Scottish Council on Archives


Strathearn's Railways during WWII

With many people celebrating Victory in Europe (VE) Day, which marks the end of the World War 2 conflict in Europe, David Ferguson thought it would be interesting to have a look at the role the local railways played. Click HERE to see the article, which is also available on the Crieff Lines Page on FaceBook

Midland Railway Company Circular 203

During the Strathearn's Railways exhibition, we received a number of donations of artefacts. The Midland Railway Company circular was kindly left by, we think, a Mrs Mather or Mailer; the writing is difficult to read. We would like to give the donation proper attribution, so if she could confirm her name for us we would be even more grateful. Especially if there is a story attached to how she came by it.
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A Note from The Glenturret

“Hello, my name is Lucy Armstrong and I work at The Glenturret Distillery. As you may be aware, we are currently in an exciting new chapter of our history as we move away from being the home of The Famous Grouse to new owners as The Glenturret Distillery. Our new owners (Art et Terroir) are passionate about our local history and have asked us to research Glenturret and its origins in Crieff which has been absolutely fascinating! I am currently gathering as much information as possible to help us uncover our long and amazing past and we need your help please! If you have any information on the distillery (Glenturret was known as The Hosh Distillery up until 1873) or any old bottles or images particularly from before 1900’s (I know it’s a long shot!) please get in touch with me at Lucy.Armstrong@theglenturret.com Happy loft searching! Many thanks!”
Lucy Armstrong

A note from Crieff Succeeds BID Ltd.

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Crieff Succeeds BID Ltd, as tenants occupying the old Crieff Town Hall, are required to provide public access to the Crieff Monuments, located in the old gaol, attached to the old Town Hall. The requirement of PKC for the lease is to allow public access for a minimum of 17 hours per week between April 1st and October 31st.

David McCann, the manager at Crieff Succeeds BID Ltd., is concerned that this may not be as widely known as it should be, and we have agreed to publish a statement which we hope will clarify the position and reassure everyone that BID, along with other volunteers, are doing far more than the minimum. Culture Perth & Kinross have recently completely refurbished the displays so if you have not seen them, do come along and have a look.

Here below is David's statement:
Although official public access to the Monuments is Wednesday afternoon and Thursdays, the office of Crieff Succeeds ensures that, when staff are present, access is available. This ensures that from 9am – 4pm, Monday to Friday, the public has access to the monuments, with only a few hours a week periodically not available due to staff meetings etc. In addition to this a community member volunteers on Saturdays, when there are events in the town, to open the office and allow access to the monuments. Almost every day we are pleased to welcome visitors to Crieff who come in to see the Crieff Monuments
David McCann

Historic Environment Scotland's Archeology Strategy

HES 2018 Archeology Strategy

You can download the latest HES Archeology Strategy 2018 document as a PDF file by clicking HERE